Two Tape Measures & a Bunch of Kids

Photo on 2-15-16 at 12.48 PM #3

We have been very busy around here lately! Larry recently took on several projects that need to be finished around the same time. One of the jobs he acquired from the Pinellas County School Board was to build a new electrical room for Seminole Elementary School. So last Friday, he brought me on site to help him take some measurements. I was excited to get out of the office and learn something new! So we packed up two tape measures, a ruler and a pad of paper, and made our way to the school.

We arrived at the school a little after 2pm. The maintenance man warned us that school got out in about 30 minutes. I’ve never been a big fan of children – I don’t even want to have any of my own! Don’t get my wrong, I love my nieces and nephews, but other kids… especially an entire school full of them… made me nervous. And I got the feeling that Larry was not in the mood for kids that day either, so we quickly got to work!

I am not a handy girl. I can’t change a tire, hang a shelf, or repair anything. I am clumsy and get nervous when I have to do anything that involves numbers (math makes me queasy). So, needless to say, I felt a little anxious about helping Larry get the dimensions of the existing buildings. Section by section, wall by wall, we measured and Larry sketched. I fumbled with the tape measure, like a buffoon, but managed to not break it or hurt anyone. And then, just as I was getting the hang of it – the school bell rang.

Larry and I both froze and locked eyes. We silently illustrated a look of horror. Within seconds there were kids running down the halls, screaming and laughing. Did I mention that it was the Friday before Valentines Day? Well, it was, so they were all cracked out on candy. We tried to continue what we were doing, but the noise and some curious kids were very distracting. “What are you doing?” was the question of the day. I replied, “He is an architect. He is going to build a new building at your school. We are taking measurements”. I even saw a kid talking on a cell phone. A CELL PHONE! Being at the elementary school, and seeing all of the kids with their Valentines cards and candy was nostalgic, but also made me feel old!

The madness only lasted about 10 minutes. We took the last few measurements and were ready to go by 3:15pm. It was an educational and very interesting experience. And I can now say that I am much better with a tape measure!

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