My First Day in Architecture

Before the glorious Florida sun rises on Monday morning, I am out of bed, getting ready for my first day at a new job. Let it be known that I am by no means a morning person, but a four-day work week is totally worth it. As I brush my teeth, I wonder about all of the interesting things I will learn while working for an Architect. Maybe I will learn to draw, maybe I will get to help with interior design! Will I get my very own hard hat? Architecture is an exciting new career path for me. Even as an Executive Assistant, I expect to learn a lot about the field.

I arrive at the firm at 7:45am (my gracious boss Larry let me come in a little late on my first day). The building is situated in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, a dream work location for me. Right away I take note of Larry’s passion for architecture and art – the office is a loft, vibrantly painted, with large windows overlooking 8th Street. Art is sporadically placed throughout – sculptures and paintings of different colors and textures. It smells like freshly brewed coffee. My eyes are immediately drawn to the large iMac computer on my desk. My inner self does a happy dance – yes, I am an Apple nerd.

The first few hours are a whirlwind of nervous excitement and… filling. Boy is there a lot of paperwork involved in the process of creating an infrastructure! Although filing isn’t very glamorous, I know it is a good way to pick up on some of the lingo used in the industry. Words like “RFI”, “CCCR” and “shop drawings” are quickly stored into my brain. These are important, and there are a TON of them!

My first day is going by quickly, and the piles of paperwork are starting to disappear. Larry and I discuss other things I will be doing for the company, like social media and other marketing endeavors. As far as first days go – this was the best one I have ever had! I think I am going to enjoy working for an Architect…